Team Sheet Template

Template for use on game days. To be submitted to timekeepers no less than 20 minutes before your game is due to start.
BRHA Team Sheet Template.docx

Apply for DBS Enhanced

Instructions and FAQ's for applying for a DBS Enhanced check. Published: 10/04/2021 Updated: 08/09/2021 -- updated link to application form due to new umbrella company platform.
BRHA - Applying for DBS Enhanced v3.pdf

UKActive Certificate of Membership

UKActive - BRHA Certificate of Membership.pdf

BRHA National COVID-19 Return to Play Policy v6

Updated RTP guidance for step 3 of the spring roadmap. Document published: 15 May 2021.
BRHA National COVID-19 Return to Play Policy v6.pdf

BRHA Privacy Policy for NHS Test & Trace

Recording staff, member/visitor, and visitor details: how we use your information Last updated: 12 May 2021
BRHA Privacy Policy for NHS Test & Trace.pdf

BRHA Risk Assessment Template v2

Published 19 August 2020 Version 2. Removed restricted reviewer setting.
BRHA National COVID-19 RTP Risk Assessment.docx

BRHA National Coaching Certification

Provided by AHD Coaching Education as part of an effort to improve the standard of inline hockey coaching internationally. Published: 14 April 2021
BRHA National Coaching Qualification (AHDUK).pdf

DBS Code of Practice

Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) Code of Practice For Registered Persons and Other Recipients of Disclosure Information (Revised April 2009)
DBS Code of Practice.pdf

BRHA National Member Insurance Summary of Cover 2020/21

Summary of cover for liability and sports injury insurance policies Policy term: 15-Aug-2020 thru 31-Aug-2021
BRHA Members Insurance Cover Summary 2020.pdf